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We build end-to-end solutions for Wordpress that make it easier to manage, setup, build and more - the kind we want for ourselves.

Introducing Comet

Extend Wordpress with Comet is taking your site to the next level. Be independent, add and arrange advanced content on Pages, Posts, Post types without writing a single line of code.

Blacklead Introducing Comet

Find, get, share advices and help

We’re always looking for ways to help you making a real connection with your products and making your life easier. So, whether it’s about finding the right solution or the right information, you never have to go far.

  • The blog

    Reading our blog is forming a bond between you, us and the products. Get exlusive informations about our products, share and comment ! Read more.

  • Documentation

    Check the guide which can help you getting started with your product without the need to googling in the middle of the night ( We see you ). Get started.

  • Premium support

    Board-certified can help you coordinate, setup managing or anythings else. They use their expert judgement and knowledge of Wordpress to help you get answer you need. Contact support.