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We build end-to-end solutions for Wordpress that make it easier to use and manage - the kind we want for ourselves.

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Blacklead builds the most powerful and flexible tools for Wordpress that don't impact your site. Whether it be a plugin or a theme.

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Blacklead is always improving its products to gain new features and we always fix a possible bug or a security breach.

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We maintain an online documentation for our products and for personal help we have board-certified that can help you coordinate, setup, managing or anythings else.

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We’re always looking for ways to help you making a real connection with your products and making your life easier. So, whether it’s about finding the right solution or the right information, you never have to go far.

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Design with Comet page builder

We build Comet to help everyone quickly create impressive page on any theme without writing a single line of code. Comet is the only page builder that generates good quality code safely. It's also an incredibly lightweight plugin exclusively for Wordpress. Customize everything fast thanks to the Live Edit and a clear, mordern and intuitive interface.

Introducing Comet page builder for Wordpress

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