Comet is a lightweight but powerful live page builder which runs as a plugin and is available for Wordpress. It allows you to create any kind of page on any post type in a clean and secured environment. Well designed inside and out, Comet is focused on web performance and good practices. All that without the need to write a single line of code.

Minimum requirements

Comet is a small download (1 MB) but make sure your hosting service provides enough storage.

  • WordPress: 4.7;
  • PHP: 5.5;
  • Browser: Firefox 46 / Chrome 48 / Safari 8 / Edge 13.

Note that we always recommend to get the last release of WordPress and your browser.


Update cadence

Comet releases new version as fast as possible for important bug fixes and almost each month for new features. Comet supports auto updating and you will be prompted to install the new release when it becomes available.

Please know we try to minimize bugs and blocking issues. However, you may be prompted to update Comet more frequently if we have to fix a blocking issue.


Release Notes

You can find out the changelog on the download page or get more details about major update and features on the blog.



Comet comes with build-in page elements but more page elements will be add with the next releases. However, some page elements are less used than others or particular so some of them will be available as bundle.

If you are interested in extending the page elements, Comet allows you to create your own page element.



Comet is a free and open source plugin for WordPress. You can get the last release of Comet on the WordPress Plugin Directory.