Comet lets you perform tasks directly from the Comet dashboard such as managing your fonts. The fonts manager allows you to choose and import fonts from Google fonts within Comet. However you can delete fonts you have imported but if the fonts were used on your projects, a system font will replace them.

Remember: All imported fonts will be loaded on every project. It means that it affects web performance.

Fonts manager

To access the fonts manager, go to Comet dashboard > Menu > Typography. The page list the fonts you have imported. Click the library button to open the fonts manager.

  1. Fonts: All the fonts from Google fonts are listed and rendered.
  2. Basket: Contains the imported and selected fonts.


How to import a font ?

  1. Go to Comet dashboard > Menu > Typography.
  2. Click the library button.
  3. Select a font by clicking the “+” button next to the font’s name.
  4. Open the basket and click the Import button.

Note that you can import several fonts at a time.