User Interface

Whether the Comet dashboard or the editor, Comet is quite simple and intuitive.

The Comet dashboard

To access to the Comet dashboard, log in to you WordPress dashboard and click Comet. The screen displays only the Comet dashboard, there is no WordPress menu to make it more simple.
Comet visual page builder dashboard overview

  1. Top bar: Displays informations about the opened page ( Title, help ) and displays the menu button and the close button.
  2. Menu: Click the menu button from the top bar to open the menu. It’s the main menu that allows you to navigate between the dashboard pages.
  3. Panel: Render the page content.


The editor

Comet load only the editor when editing with Comet. It means that no WordPress menu, no WordPress style, no WordPress script, no WordPress editor is loaded nothing but Comet.

  1. Sidebar: Displays the available page elements and page options.
  2. Save: The save button.
  3. Options: General options.
  4. Page elements: Some of available page elements (Most used).
  5. Menu: Expands sidebar to view all page elements.
  6. Template library: List of all your templates.
  7. Content area: Displays the current page content.